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General Membership Meeting

August 25, 2015

The meeting called to order by Walter J. Barry, President at 6:03

A quorum of  30  members were present.

1.      Welcoming Remarks and updates by Walter:

Motion to approve minutes of the June 2, 2015 meeting by George Ward, Second by  Byron Pierce


The status of the update to the Tennis Rules and Regulations:  Still pending with the Board after review and submission by the CAC on August 10.


Maintenance of the courts.  The issue of the raised lines brought up by Chris S. and Bernadette M. has already been brought to the attention of Roy.


Roy has ordered 2 brooms and 3 line brushes, this will be paid for by HOA funds.


Walter announced he will not be seeking reelection.


A Nomination and Election Committee was selected. Volunteers for the committee are:

Gene Sidak, Dan and Bernadette Murphy


Walter called on Peter Phelps to give an update on the search for a Tennis Pro.

One candidate has been interviewed and another, Randy Ryes will be interviewed this week. A recommendation will be made to the Executive Board next week.


Walter announced Michelle D. has requested the Tennis Club participate in the Fall Festival, October 24.  Set up of a booth selling popcorn and soda to raise funds for the Tennis Club.

Those interested should contact Walter.


Vendor Fair: Walter, Rhoda and Bob have volunteered to work the fair which will raise $125 for the Tennis Club.


2.      Membership/Budget-

 The Treasurer’s Report :

To be presented and call for motion to approve


Paid members as of date are now 102

o   Thus far 102 members have renewed their membership

o   Starting balance:               $1,628.91

o   Revenue dues:                   $  933.00

o   Revenue Vendor Fair        $  125.00

o   Expenses:                          $  309.08

o   Ending balance:                $2,377.83


o   Call for motion to approve budget


3.      Committees-   No Comments

o   Social- Rhody White, Linda Eusner, Linda Cummings and Jo Holy

o   Tournament- Bill Kinne, Richard Lopez, Rose Torres and Cliff Grabowski

o   Marketing/Publicity- Search is progress for committee leaders


4.      Major Events:

Fall Round Robin hours will be in effect as of September 1, 2015

Fall hours include the return of play time to 120 minutes. 

Round Robin start time for Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be at  10:00 AM

Round Robin start time for Tuesday and Thursday EZ Play will be at 10:00 A.M


Walter has provided the update for inclusion in the Buzz and the Tennis Reservation system will be appropriately updated.




Sign up now!  Tennis Round Robin ( Rhoda B. suggest Women and Mens Divisions)

Tennis followed by Subs from Publix !


Save the Date and Pick your Partner for the SCP Tennis Club Championship Oct 12-17

We hope to have sufficient sign up for three divisions ( Advanced, Intermediate and Novice) for both Women and Men.

5.      Open Floor Discussion:  How to revive Round Robin

Walter suggested a Top Dog concept, Bob suggested we facilitate the privately run groups.


Dan Murphy brought up the use of the office at the sports complex and possible uses. Should we again try to gain access.



6.      Motion to adjourn Meeting:  Time: 7:05 by, George Ward, seconded by Bob K. Approved by general membership.


General Membership Meeting

February 10, 2015


The meeting called to order by Walter J. Barry, President at 6:05P.M.

A quorum of 43 members were present.


  1. Welcoming Remarks
  2. Membership/Budget- The Treasurer’s Report by Bob Nelms was approved by motion and unanimous vote.  Bob Nelms reported the paid members as of date are now 80 from the 65 previously reported.


  • Thus far 65 members have renewed their membership
  • Starting balance:               $1,628.91
  • Expected revenues:           $2,275.00
  • Expected expenses:           $2,635.00
  • Ending balance:                $1,268.91
  • Call for motion to approve budget,


  1. Committees- Walter announced committee members


  • Social- Rhody White, Linda Eusner, Linda Cummings and Jo Holy
  • Tournament- Bill Kinne, Richard Lopez, Rose Torres and Cliff Grabowski
  • Marketing/Publicity- Search is progress for committee leaders
  • Financial- Walter announced a financial committee is not required but we will have financial reviews done.


  1. Major Events:
  2. Court maintenance/resurfacing/windscreen-


Walter reported on the court condition and Roy’s good work on the courts.  Roy purchased a “gator” to drag the court with and remove old clay and a professional sprayer for the control of algae growth. New wind screens have been ordered and will be up on every court when the season changes.


Roy plans to meet with the Lake Oconee tennis maintenance person as well as an unnamed tennis maintenance company.


Walter reported the court resurfacing is scheduled to begin Feb. 16th depending on weather.


  1. Scheduling system-Walt addressed the new reservation system. Various opinions on the length of playing time allowed were discussed. No final decision has been made at this time. 


Several complaints were registered regarding the use of non-residents using the courts.


Walter will look into the consistent use of outsiders.


Griffin High School students will not be here this year.


  • Lots of work needed to fine tune it to meet our needs
  • First change – from 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • Send other changes to Walt


  1. Tennis pro – progress to date- This is still a pending issue. Tammy/Stan have given their support but need approval from the Board.  Walter has 5 Pros in mind. This will be further discussed when approval is received.
  2. Website – ready to launch: will be sending out the URL this week Announced by Bob K.
  3. Ball machine rental Rental available by contacting Roy.  Operating instructions will be on the SCPTennis  web site.  It was stressed that in any inclement weather such as misting the ball machine needs to be immediately brought under cover.  There is a plastic cover that goes with the machine.
  4. ALTA/USTA Tennis-Bob briefly explained ALTA and the hope that eventually Sun City residents would comprise the time with no outsiders.  Two courts are officially allowed for ALTA reservation but if courts are unused, they may use a third court. Bob expressed changing the cost to a per non-resident per season charge rather than the $150.00 per team that is currently in the Policy Paper. 


  • Would like ALTA/USTA teams to be a function of the Tennis Club
  • Only allow teams to have scheduled matches when courts are generally open: early Sunday afternoon, Friday evening
  • Teams must have >60% SCP membership
  • Consider changing Tennis Policy to charge non-residents $30 per season


  1. Problems -- direct any issues to Walt or any member of the EC – so we can better address the problem


Walt will follow up on the following suggestions by members:


Brad Wideman asked to increase the FOB access to the Sports Center


Jesse Andrews requested to have the maintenance contractors wash the outside tables and chairs once a week.


  1. Other topics?
  2. Motion to adjourn Meeting:  Time: 7: 25 by George Ward, Second by Rhody White Approved by general membership.




General Membership Meeting

November 17, 2014



        I.                        Meeting was called to order by President Peter Phelps at 6:32 p.m.  A quorum of 40 members was present.

      II.                        Minutes of the July 28, 2014 GM Meeting and the October 20, 2014 EB Meeting as posted on the SCP TC website were approved by motion and unanimous vote.

    III.                        The Treasurer’s Report, by Larry Lewellen,  with a projected end of year balance of $1444 was approved by motion and unanimous vote.  It will be posted on SCP TC website.

    IV.                        Current Business:

·         Motion to continue membership dues at $10 per person in 2015 was approved by unanimous vote.

·         Motion to continue a quorum as the lesser of 51% of membership or 25 was approved by unanimous vote.

·         President Phelps presented the revisions to the TC Bylaws to meet the new requirements per the CAC and the CAM.   The revised Bylaws were approved by motion and unanimous vote.

·         Election procedure was presented by President Phelps from the TC Bylaws.  Richard Lopez, Chairman of the Election Committee, presented an uncontested slate of new officers: President Walter Barry, Vice President Bob Kohmescher, Treasurer Bob Nelms, and Secretary Sheila Phelps.  New officers were approved by unanimous vote.

·         President Phelps recognized the winners of the TC Championship Tournament held 10/13-18, 2014 and thanked the Committee members  for their service.  Sponsors were Morris Center, OrthoGeorgia (thanks to Tom Grayson), and Southern Pit (thanks to Walt Barry).

·         The Tennis Center Policy Paper was re-submitted to the CAC on 10/19/14, which reflects the changes discussed in August 2014 with the CAC, CAM, and Sports Director.  It is pending review; was to be handled by the CAC in November 2014.

·         Forms have been submitted to the CAC for requests regarding storage of the tents and tables, a bulletin board in the breezeway of the sports center, and a microwave in the sports lounge.



      V.                        Other Business:

·         TC Round Robins are four days per week:  all skill levels M-W-F up to three courts, and EZ Play Tuesday up to two courts.  Currently, all are at 1:00 p.m. for the winter months.

·         Motion to submit a request to the CAC to approve procurement by the TC of a file cabinet to store TC records to be placed in the sports center office was approved by vote.  This could be shared with the Pickleball Club.

·         Bob Kohmescher proposed acquisition of an independent website for the TC like the one used by the Pickleball Club.  Cost is minimal.  Approved by motion and vote.

·         Charter Club (CC) forms need to be completed and presented to the CAM in  January 2015.  Outgoing President Phelps will work with the new officers to facilitate a smooth transition.  He is also recommending an audit of the financial records and accounts.

·         Members will be needed to serve on TC committees in 2015.  A (standing) Finance Committee is now required by the Bylaws (an HOA requirement).  A Tournaments Committee and a Social Committee are also needed.

    VI.                        Comments from the Membership:

·         A plaque of appreciation was presented to outgoing President Phelps by Walter Barry and Bob Kohmescher.

  VII.                        Meeting was officially adjourned at 7:28 p.m.  Food was served (thanks to Walter Barry).