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Section A – Name of Organization:  Sun City Peachtree (SCP) Tennis Club

Section B – Purpose of Organization: To support and promote tennis programming, activities, social events and other special events in Sun City Peachtree. To cultivate an atmosphere that will make all tennis players at all skill levels feel welcome and comfortable to participate. To be the primary advocate for adequate resources for tennis programming and facilities.  

Section C – The Tennis Club Bylaws will comply with Association’s Governance Documents and Charter Club Rules and Procedures (Rules). In the event of conflict between these Bylaws and the Governance Document or Rule, the Governance Documents or Rules will prevail.

Section D – The Tennis Club shall be operated as a non-profit organization in accordance with Georgia statutes and Association requirements.



Section A – Membership shall be open to all Association members in good standing without discrimination as to race, religion, color, ethnic culture, national heritage or gender. There shall be no pre-condition for membership, nor will members be required to join any national, state or regional organization.

Section B – Full membership in the Tennis Club is defined as a Sun City Peachtree resident tennis player or tennis enthusiast that has paid his/her annual dues, and by virtue thereof, is entitled to participate in all Club-sponsored activities and events.  Whenever possible, Club members will be afforded preferential treatment for organized tennis events, including the possibility of reduced fees and special, reserved court times.  Club members are entitled to adequate notice of all Club activities/events/meetings. Additionally, the Club will strive to inform Club Members of all tennis-related community-wide activities/events and represent member’s interests in all such activities. 

Section C – Guest Privileges:

Resident Guest – All Association members/homeowner- residents are eligible to join a Chartered Club (as indicated in Sections A and B). Guests may attend up to three (3) Club functions, at which time, they must join the Club to continue participation in Club-sponsored activities/events. The Tennis Club will work with the Sports Director, the Lifestyle Director, and HOA Management regarding enforcement of this provision.

Developer Guests – Prospective homebuyers, in the company of a sales associate or carrying a visitor card, are allowed to participate in Chartered Club activities.

Section D – Proper Behavior and Decorum – Proper behavior and decorum is expected from all Club Members. Members  who are  abusive, who project an undesirable or inappropriate image , and who blatantly create unnecessary turmoil, disruption and dissention among Club members, other Clubs or in the Association may have their membership temporarily suspended by the Club. The Club will employ the following disciplinary steps:  (1) first offense – a written warning from the Club;  (2) second offense – short-term suspension by the Club;  (3) third offense – long-term suspension;  (4) fourth offense – termination in accordance with the procedure in Chapter Two, paragraph 3.1.C of the Charter Club Rules and Regulations. Club leadership will work in conjunction with the HOA Management in implementing this section.

Section E – Dues shall be paid annually (the Club year is January 1 through December 31). Whenever possible, members will strive to pay their dues in the first month of the new year.  Members who paid dues in the prior year, and are still listed on the Membership roster as of January 1, must pay their annual dues amount (see Section B) by March 1. Residents who become members in the first half of the calendar year will be required to pay the full annual dues amount. Residents who become members after June 30 will be allowed to pay a reduced amount, as determined at the Annual Meeting, for the remainder of the calendar year. The Treasurer will provide monthly reports on the status of dues collections. Members in arrears will be notified in writing by the President.

Section F – The dues amount will be recommended annually by the Executive Board and ratified by a majority of the members present at the November Membership Meeting.  Proper notice of at least thirty (30) days must be given to the Membership. The Executive board will vote on the proposed dues changes at its October Executive Board Meeting. The Board will immediately disseminate its recommendation to the full Membership via mail or e-mail.

Section G – Dues are to be set at a minimum level and they should be sufficient to cover the Club’s basic operating expenses for the January to December program/fiscal year.  Special assessments are not to be levied without the approval of the Association. If revenues exceed expenses at December 31 (year end), the net gain must be used to foster Club growth and activity.

Section H – No dues shall be refunded under any circumstances.


Section A – The Executive Board shall be composed of the duly elected Officers of the Tennis Club. Their term of office shall commence on January 1st following election by a majority vote of the general Membership at the Club’s Annual Meeting , or as represented by a properly completed  and submitted  (Form CC-12) Absentee Ballot.  Their term shall continue for one year. New Officers are installed at the January General Membership meeting. The Officers shall consist of a President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer. Nothing herein shall prevent an Officer from running for the same or another position/office in the Tennis Club upon completion of their preceding term of office; however, unless waived by the a majority vote of the General Membership, Officers shall be limited to three (3) consecutive one year terms.

Section B – The Executive Board Members shall serve without compensation and shall be considered the governing body of the Tennis Club. The newly elected Officers, or appointed Officers in case of a vacancy or recall, shall within 14 business days attest that they have read and understand and will abide by the Tennis Club Bylaws and the Association’s Charter Club Rules sand Procedures.

Section C – The Duties of the Officers shall be as follows:

§  President – preside at all meetings of the Club and consult with the other Club Officers and/or the Membership on all matters of interest and concern to the Club.

§  Vice-President – preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and assist the President and other Officers whenever necessary.

§  Secretary – record minutes of all meetings and take care of all Club correspondence.

§  Treasurer – keep financial records, collect dues, keep an up-to-date membership roster, and maintain the Tennis Club checking account.

Section D – Nominations and Elections Procedures:  Procedures will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. A Nominating Committee, consisting of no less than three (3) members, shall be appointed by the Executive Board, and will be announced no later than the October  Executive Board  meeting each year. The Nominating Committee shall present a proposed slate of nominees at the November General Membership meeting; however, notice of the names of those nominated must be provided to the Membership no less than two (2) weeks prior to the November Membership Meeting. Nominations from the floor may be made following the report from the Nominating Committee at the November meeting.  Voting will be conducted at the November meeting and will be by written ballot. Write-in votes (candidates not nominated as indicated above) will be disallowed. The Officers will be elected by a majority vote of a quorum (normally 51%, but see Article V – Section C of these Bylaws) of the Club’s General Membership.

Section E – The Executive Board shall hold meetings as called by the President or as requested by any two Officers of the Board. A quorum shall consist of 51% (at least 3 of 4 Officers) of the Board.

Section F – Executive Board Meeting Procedures – As necessary and reasonable, Executive Board meetings shall be held monthly or bi-monthly. Voting shall be by a show of hands. A majority vote (at least 3 of 4) of the Officers will determine the appropriate action to be taken.

Section G – Interim appointments to fill vacant and unexpired terms of Office shall be made by a majority (at least 3 Officers) of the Executive Board.  Otherwise, the vacancy will have to be filled by a majority vote of the General Membership at a meeting with a quorum of members present.

Section H – An Officer shall be removed from office by a majority vote of the Membership. This vote shall be by written ballot. Written notice giving the reason for removal shall be given to Members at least two (2) weeks prior to the Special Meeting called for such a purpose.

Section I – All Executive Board Members, upon retiring from or leaving office, shall prepare a written report and deliver all records, information and other property belonging to the Tennis Club to their successor.



Section AGeneral Membership meetings will be held at least quarterly as called by the President. Membership meetings can be held more frequently (monthly or bi-monthly) as called by the President or as called by a majority (3 of 4) of the Officers.  The installation of the Officers will be at the first meeting in January. The General Membership meeting held in November will be designated the “Annual Meeting”. At this meeting, the Executive Board and the Standing or Special Committees shall make a complete report of the operations of their Office/Committee for the previous year. The Executive Board may also call Special Meetings of the Membership for any matter of significant/substantial interest and concern to the Membership. These Special meetings require written notice to all members at least two (2) weeks prior to the called meeting, specifying the time, place and purpose of the meeting. All full membership meetings will be held at Club Peachtree in space sufficiently large enough to accommodate the membership.

Section B – Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern Procedures not covered by the Bylaws. As deemed necessary by the Executive Board, a Parliamentarian will be appointed for any meeting of the membership.

Section C – A quorum of a regular or special Membership meeting shall consist of 51% of the Tennis Club membership, or 25 members, whichever is less, so that the Club can conduct and complete its business. As the membership grows, the quorum percentage will need to be re-determined, so that an adequate number of members are present to conduct Club business. The quorum issue must be reviewed at the Annual Meeting and any changes must be approved by a majority (51%) of the Membership present at that meeting.

Section D – Voting Procedures – Unless otherwise stated by these Bylaws, or in Robert’s Rules of Order, a majority vote of the Membership, by show of hands, shall be considered the will of the Tennis Club.



Section A – The Treasurer is the Club’s Chief Financial Officer, subject to oversight by the Executive Board and the General Membership. The Treasurer is responsible for controlling and recording Club revenues and expenses and will oversee the purchasing of all assets, inventories, supplies and equipment. The Treasurer will provide reports to the Executive Board, the Club’s General Membership, and the Association Management. The Executive Board will determine if a Finance Committee should be appointed to oversee the Club’s fiscal management.

Section B – Financial records shall be maintained for a period of seven (7) years. These records shall be passed on to and remain with the current Treasurer.

Section C – All expenditures should be paid by check regardless of the amount.  ALL checks for ALL purchases require two signatures. All procurements shall be consistent with provisions of the Club’s budget, which shall be approved annually by the general Membership. Electronic payments require two signatures on invoices. Non-budgeted expenditures between $1 and $200 need Executive Board approval by a majority (3 of 4) vote of the Officers. Any non-budgeted item of expense over $200 needs approval by a majority (51%) vote of the Members present at the general or special membership meeting.  Any such (non-budgeted) expenditure must be reported at the next regular meeting of the Executive Board and the next regular meeting of the general membership. As revenue increases from growth in membership dues, the monetary ranges outlined above can be amended by the Membership at its Annual Meeting.

Section DFinancial records should be certified on an annual basis by an individual(s) other than those elected to the Executive Board or their immediate family. The results of the certification shall be presented to the General Membership and duly recorded in the applicable minutes of the meeting at which presented.

Section ECash and Inventory Control shall be responsibility of the Executive Board. The financial records shall include a record of all moneys collected and disbursed from the Tennis Club’s checking account. An annual financial report, based on the calendar year, shall be submitted by the Treasurer to the General Membership.



Section APermanent (standing) committees will include a Finance Committee (to ensure compliance with Article V of these Bylaws, to provide oversight of the Club Treasurer and to review the financial records and bank accounts). Other Committees may be appointed by the President, and confirmed by the Executive Board and the General Membership at the next regular meetings.

Section B – The President is authorized to appoint committee chairpersons.  The Executive Board must review and confirm such appointments.

Section C – All committees will have written mission statements assigned prior to committee appointment.




Section A – To amend the bylaws of this club requires a two-thirds (2/3rds) vote of the membership present at a meeting duly called for such purpose, a quorum being present, and required notice being given. The vote will be by a show of hands with the majority of those present deciding the issue.

Section B – Notice requirement and procedure. These Special meetings require written notice (via e-mail) to all members at least two (2) weeks prior to the called meeting, specifying the time, place and purpose of the meeting. A complete revised copy (that is, original language and proposed/amended language) of the Bylaws will be presented (via e-mail) to the Tennis Club Membership at least two weeks prior to the meeting called to decide whether amendments should be for approved or not.


Prior to club dissolution, and after all debts are satisfied, all property and assets shall be turned over to the Association.

The Tennis Club can only be dissolved by a two-thirds written vote of a majority (51%) of the full Membership (as recorded on the latest membership roll certified by the Treasurer),  having been properly notified in writing, and called to a Special meeting for this singular purpose.

Relevant  Dates:  Original Bylaws effective January 1, 2010;   Revised Bylaws reviewed by the Executive Board on February 22, 2011 – Board recommends approval;  Revised Bylaws approved by the General Membership on  March 8, 2011;  Revised Bylaws approved by the General Membership at the Annual Meeting on  November 16, 2011. Revised Bylaws amended in accordance with a meeting of the CAC and HOA Management on 9/10/14.